I have always had a keen interest in languages, even as a child. Eager to start my linguistic education as quickly as possible, I enrolled in the European Classes programme at the Lava Grammar School in Celje.

In my third year of grammar school, I took 1st place in my category in the national English language competition. My prize included a voucher to take the University of Cambridge’s most advanced English language exam, the Certificate of Proficiency in English, which I passed with an A.

I continued my studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English in 2014. I have worked as a freelance translator ever since, constantly looking for opportunities to further develop my linguistic knowledge and skills.


I have worked as a freelance English to Slovenian translator since 2009. Having completed hundreds of projects for a number of translation agencies and direct clients, I have come to realise that I am most at home translating legal, business and marketing texts.

I find that legal and business documents present a very interesting challenge, as their terminological and structural complexity often requires not only a high level of language proficiency but also a great deal of resourcefulness.

Though the language used in marketing texts may seem simpler at first glance, the writing style nevertheless requires an excellent grasp of the target language as well as a rich vocabulary and a high degree of creativity. The creative freedom afforded to the translator makes translating marketing texts an absolute delight.
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